Friday, April 20, 2018

My Creative Space...Always Changing

Though not perfectly staged, I am sharing this photo of my creative space that I took a few days ago when the lighting was so pretty. I wish I would have taken a few moments to straighten the rug and put some of the clutter away, but here you are...a very real, in the moment shot of the space I use to gather my finds, photograph furniture, price treasures and dream up displays. 

I am so glad I took this photo though, as this room will not likely ever look the same as it does now. Now is when the chaos begins, more items pile in as the date draws near. Soon enough, this room will be mostly cleared out and the window display will be filled with treasures. 

I do love this stage...this moment in time when I get to enjoy all of these special things in my home, before we part ways and they go on to be loved by someone else. 

Thank you for your sweet visit!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Another Frances Hodgson Burnett Inspired Display {in the works!}

My next big project, my focus as of late is a window display coming to Camas Antiques, first part of May! Once again, I am using the inspiration from a film that will be shown at the Liberty Theatre. Last year my theme was The Secret Garden. Families gathered on Mother's Day to see the film and enjoy treats and giveaways at the store afterwards. A Little Princess, also by Frances Hodgson Bernett is the inspiration for this year's display and the 1995 version will be shown on Mother's Day, May 13th. I have mountains of projects in the works for the display and hope to keep you posted with updates and sneak peeks as the days tick by! I am so very excited about the treasures I've gathered so far and how well things are coming together! Thank you friends for your encouragement and for following along with me on this fun journey! More to come...

Thank you for your sweet visit!
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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Trestle Table with a Stencil Surprise

It wasn't until I loaded this console table into my truck at the estate sale that I noticed the leaf tucked up inside! 

I thought it was such a neat feature that I decided to stencil the leaf...and further enhance the surprise. I started with Annie Sloan's Coco followed by a blended wash technique in Old White and Country Grey.

 I used the Trellis Stencil from Artisan Enhancements in Old White. White Wax gives the overall finish a soft effect.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dear Blog Friends: Thanks for not Giving up on Me!

Once again I find myself really really behind on blogging!  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, consider this a quick recap of the past three months.  And if you just follow along here and wondered where I went, thank you SO much for hanging in there and not giving up on me! 

This first photo is a fairly recent shot of our front room.  That beautiful green door is new, well new to us!   I purchased it from my best friend's parents who tell me that it was the original front door to the 100 year old family farmhouse in Winlock, WA. They recently discovered it in the rafters of an old barn on the property. The fabulous shabby green paint is original and all of the hardware is intact! I think it works well in that corner but I'd like to raise it up a bit so we can see more of it. I think it's pretty fabulous...and oh so special!

Here's a favorite mini-project completed in January.  An old wooden tray got a beautiful update in Annie Sloan's Paris Grey and Old White.  Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel was used to apply the beautiful typography.  Want to learn more about the image transfer process?  Here's a link to a video tutorial:  Image Transfer Sign Video

In January we started transforming our dining room into a home office/studio space.  It made a lot of sense for our family and although it's still a work in progress, we are loving it so far.  I shared this little gem that although I've had for some time, finally feels at home on our desk/work table.  I shared the back history on this very special family piece here:  Throw it on the Burn Pile

Our little Basil dog turned 13 this month!  He made a big impression on social media with this pic!  We just adore him and feel so blessed that he's still with us.

This beauty stopped me in my tracks at an estate sale last weekend! She was priced a little higher than I had wanted to pay, so I walked away but couldn't stop thinking about her. On the last day of the sale she was still there, waiting for me...meant to be! After a good cleaning and some touch up work here and there, she is ready for her debut at Camas Antiques.  I wish I had a place for her in my home.  She is really something special.  I believe her to be from the 1920's.  I wish there was a manufacturer marking somewhere, but unfortunately there is not.  If anyone has a similar piece or has any information to offer, please share!  I love researching my vintage and antique finds and feel like I've hit a dead end with this one.

I am knee deep in projects for a very special window display!  I will try to keep the blog a little more current, but if you're at all interested in daily sneak peeks, before and afters, more pet photos and so forth...come find me on Instagram!

Thank you so much for your visit today!  I wish you many blessings and much happiness!

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Decking the Halls!

Christmas is in full swing at Camas Antiques!  I am behind in sharing photos, so some of the items you see here have already sold.  I desperately need to restock this week!  As usual, I will be sharing sneak peeks and updates periodically on Facebook and Instagram.

I am so excited for the next movie event at Camas Antiques!  This year marks the 70th anniversary of Miracle on 34th Street and we are so thrilled to see it on the big screen at the historic Liberty Theatre in downtown Camas!  We have some fun in-store festivities planned for after the film!  
If you're in the area, please plan to join us and be sure to RSVP on our event page!

Thank you for your sweet visit!  I am off to work on decking the halls in our home today!  I hope to have more photos to share soon!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

Fall in Review

As you well know, I'm sure...Life gets busy, priorities shift and time slips away.  Sadly, my little blog has been shifted down to the bottom of the priority list this year!  I had a few moments to myself this morning and was so excited to finally have time to share photos of my Christmas display at Camas Antiques.  I sat down to the computer and suddenly realized that I never shared photos of Fall or Halloween!  Goodness!  I am sure you're all ready for Christmas decor and inspiration, but I couldn't NOT post these photos here...  So very quickly, here is my Fall in review.  Thank you so much for bearing with me!  

Next up...Christmas!

This sweet vanity was painted in Old White, given a subtle wash in French Linen and sealed with Annie Sloan's White Wax.


These pillows were stenciled with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® using beautiful stencils from 


I don't typically decorate for Halloween but the kids convinced me to add a little bit of spookiness to the house this year!  I agreed to decorating this one mantle.  I had some help from my friend Tracey with A Cottage Industry who made the banners and adorable "Party Crows."  p.s.  Check out her Etsy shop!  She now has a great selection of banners and decor for Christmas and New Years!

Thank you so much for your sweet visit today!  And again, thank you for bearing with me as I play catch up on blog shares!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Dresser that Caused a Commotion on Social Media!

I shared this photo on Facebook just after updating my booth display last month.  Questions began pouring in about the dresser...the dresser that I failed to get good photos of at home before delivering it to the store!  

I snagged this shot at the store later that week...decent but not a fabulous photo!  I decided to go ahead and share it along with the details, paint colors and techniques used.  

I was totally blown away by the response!  I do believe I had more likes, shares and comments than I have ever had on Facebook or Instagram!  Now, I am really really sorry that I didn't get more photos to share!  The dresser has since sold.  When I have another piece that calls for this look, I promise I will do a tutorial with lots of photos!  For now, here is a basic description of how I arrived at this paint finish:

I started by painting the entire dresser in a custom mix of French Linen and Pure White Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan.  On the drawer fronts only, I used the Floral Scroll stencil from Artisan Enhancements to create a random pattern, bouncing back and forth between Old White and French Linen Chalk Paint®.  I then lightly sanded over the stenciled design and distressed the edges and legs of the dresser.  After a coat of Annie Sloan's Clear Wax, I used a small brush to apply Annie's Dark Wax around the edges of some of the drawers.  I wiped back the areas that were too dark with a little more Clear Wax.  That's it!

Thank you to everyone who commented and shared my post on Facebook!  It kind of makes a girl feel like she's doing what she was meant to do...if you know what I mean?  In a world full of self doubt and second guessing yourself...a little praise goes a long way!

I am enjoying this final round of summer blooms from the garden!

A few more projects that I took into the booth last month...I used Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel to apply the images to both the bucket and the bread board!  The table is painted in Cream Chalk Paint®.

One of my latest additions to the booth are these pillows, painted with Chalk Paint® using stencils from Artisan Enhancements...the covers are removable and washable!  There isn't much you can't do with Chalk Paint®!  I just added more designs to my display this month!  

Thank you so much for your visit!  I have some catch-up blogging to do but hopefully now that school has started I will be more consistent!

Best Wishes and Blessings,